The Consilium in Chicago has remained relatively stable since Manipra assumed the position of Hierarch in 1989, following the interim rule of Airyaman. Each of the five orders is represented by a Councilor (including the Hierarch). Five Provosts, one chosen by each Councilor, serve as personal assistants to the persons who appointed them. There are currently two Heralds and three Sentinels to serve the needs of the Consilium, but recent events surrounding the search for the Celestial Flange and indications of greater interference by groups such as the Seers of the Throne and the Banishers has led Council members to believe that more Sentinels and Heralds may be needed in the near future.

The Consilium meets once a month on the 13th at the Glessner House in the Prairie Avenue Historical District. Manipra, de facto head of the Guardians of the Veil in Chicago and head of the Walsh Industries cabal, serves as the Hierarch, a position he has held since Airyaman stepped down in his favor. Manipra seeks to bring a business-like expertise and confidence as well as his considerable monetary resources and social clout to the Consilium of mages. He is assisted by fellow Guardian Saena, who serves as his Provost.

Hierarch: Manipra(Guardians of the Veil)

Councilor 1 — Adamantine Arrow: Deathsong Councilor 2 — Silver Ladder: Altus Vulcanis Councilor 3 — Mysterium: Libra Councilor 4 — Free Council: Laplace

Provost (Hierarch’s): Saena (Guardians of the Veil) Provost (Adamantine Arrow): Princess Kundalini Provost (Silver Ladder): L’Etranger Provost (Mysterium): Melpomene Provost (Free Council): Southpaw

Herald 1: Rose Herald 2: Triplex

Sentinel 1: Chevalier Sentinel 2: Mimir Sentinel 3: Kid Chaillot


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