Awakened will workers who view magic as a curse and magi as a plague on humanity


Banishers do not see their Awakening as a blessing. Instead of a revelation or liberation, their new state of being is considered a curse. A mage suddenly sees that the world is darker and more dangerous than he ever imagined. Magic torments him with insights into the supernatural world. He may become a ruthless hunter of the supernatural — a fearful mage who would use his curse to destroy greater evils — but inevitably, he learns that the most dangerous creatures in the shadows are other mages.

Banishers do not favor any one means of magic over others. Instead, they would destroy all magic. Only then, many believe, can the nightmares and visions end.

The actual number of Banishers in Chicago is unknown. But a group lead by a messianic leader known as Lumen is a worry to all the Awakened. Rumors and leads of a number of solitary Banishers are gathered and shared amongst the Mages whenever they gather.


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